Monday, June 23, 2008

Furious at the Gas Station

I often find myself spinning into a furious rage at gas stations and it has absolutely nothing to do with the price of gas. It is caused by other drivers, such as the way people park at the gas station, how they cut through the service bay as opposed to going around it, leaving their vehicle at the pump after they've filled their tank, etc. I cannot understand the rationale behind any of this. If you park square and in the designated spaces, then everyone can maneuver more efficiently. If you go around the service bay to enter or exit the station, you cut down on the potential for accidents. If you need to buy a soda after getting gas, pulling up to the store opens up a pump for someone else. The question is why doesn't anyone seem to do any of these things? Do gas stations not have an incentive to enforce some level of rules in their parking lots to facilitate their operation?

The only way I've found thus far to subdue my rage is to find the smallest area between two vehicles I can fit through and drive my truck through it. Usually someone is watching. Maybe eventually someone will come to the same conclusions I have and gas stations will become more pleasant places.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Various Stuff

  • One reason for the higher price of milk: sawdust!
  • From Arthur Brooks: money can't buy happiness, but earned success does.