Sunday, January 7, 2007

How to Fix the Cowboys

I don't want to talk sports much here, but the way the Dallas Cowboys play certainly falls under the category of my fellow man's folly. Here's how I would improve the team.

1. Get rid of Terrell Owens. He's a cancer. Everything he does is a distraction and he should be shipped out of town. I wonder if the Raiders would do a straight up trade for Randy Moss? Probably not given all the problems they have. One way or the other, GET RID OF T.O.! Patrick Crayton is starting to show something, so releasing T.O. may not be a bad idea.
2. Get some help on the offensive line. Riveria's best days are past, but I don't know you could get better right now. Gurode is mediocre at best. Adams is overrated. Kosier and Columbo are decent, but not good enough. Either in the draft or free agency, the o-line has got to have some help. Getting rid of T.O. and Bledsoe will free up cap room.

1. GET A FREE SAFETY WHO CAN COVER!!! Patrick Watkins may develop into a good cover guy, but he's not there yet. Keith Davis is a special teams stud, but not a good free safety. They have to a have a really good coverage guy there because, and make sure you tell this to everyone who will listen, ROY WILLIAMS CAN'T COVER! He's a solid run defender. Nothing more. He'll occasionally intercept a pass, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut. Safeties have to be able to cover and Roy can't. That's why a ball hawk free safety is essential.
2. The D-Line has to get pressure. Maybe Canty, Spears, and Hatcher will show something next season. They didn't produce enough this year. It was a rarity to see pressure from the front 3.

Special Teams
1. Settle the kicker situation. Gramatica may be the guy. I don't know. Either way, the kicker situation needs to be settled by training camp.

Complicating all this is the status of Parcells. If T.O. is gone the probability of Parcells returning is better, but who knows. In addition, the coaching staff has got to get the defense lined up correctly. They came close to getting burnt several times against Seattle, and during other games, simply because no one went out to cover a running back.

On the plus side this year, Tony Romo showed that he can be a compotent NFL quarterback. If he can continue to improve the Cowboys may really have something. The running backs played well. DeMarcus Ware is turning into a monster. The rest of the linebackers also played well. Bobby Carpenter started to show something in the playoff game. Getting Greg Ellis back will also be a big help, if he's healthy. The kickoff return guys were solid all year, whether it was Thompson, Austin or someone else. McBriar's punting was outstanding.

Right now I don't think Dallas is a Super Bowl contender next season, but who knows. They may figure it out.

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