Friday, May 4, 2007

Virginia Tech and Fertility

I know its a little late to comment on the Virginia Tech tragedy, but a post at another blog made me think of something. Go to Voluntary Exchange for the post that got me going:

There are stories of some people trying to fight back, but not nearly enough people creating a diversion, hitting the guy with books, a chair, anything. It is as if lots of these folks didn't value life itself, or even their own life, to try and stop this psycho from killing. The most likely reason for this that I've seen is the complete and total pacification these students have been exposed to their entire lives: "If there is a problem, just talk it out. We can all come to an understanding. There's no need for shouting or violence."

So, you don't fight back. I see a connection to fertility in that if you don't value your own live, much less the lives of others, enough to try and stop someone from taking it away, is it really any surprise that fertility rates are falling? If you don't value your own life, why would you create another one?

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