Monday, March 31, 2008

Blog Highlights

  • Robin Hanson on not reading newspapers. Contains a great quote by Thomas Jefferson and says some things I've tried to say, but more elegantly.
  • Steve Horwitz on why Wal Mart should win the Nobel Peace Prize. Here and here.
  • The following sentence is from an email to Mickey Spagnola at In referring to the possibility that Dallas will acquire the troubled (to put it lightly) Pacman Jones, a gentleman writes: "Quite simply, we cannot afford to even associate with a player like this." Ahem, unless you're associated with the Dallas Cowboys in an employment capacity, "we" are not going to associate with Pacman, "they" are. "We" are not looking into acquiring Pacman Jones, the Cowboys are. "We" are not playing bad basketball, the Mavericks are. "We" did not lose to Memphis, the Longhorns did. Let's give credit and place blame where it is due.
  • Michael Giberson on price gouging.

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