Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On Naming Stuff After People

It has begun. Waco came extremely close to naming an elementary school after Barack Obama.

I dislike the idea of naming stuff after people. If a new school is built, name it after the town or the street it's on. If a new highway or road is constructed, give it a number or name it after a tree. Naming stuff after people inevitably results in nonproductive tinkling contests. The only times I like the idea of naming something after someone is as a joke (such as "The Michael Vick Humane Society Annex") or as a back handed compliment (such as naming a park lot "The Joe Blow Memorial Parking Lot" before Joe Blow actually dies).

Would naming the new Waco elementary school "Barack Obama Elementary" versus "J.H. Hines Elementary School" actually improve educational quality?

Probably not.

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