Monday, July 30, 2007

What a Day!

It happens very rarely, but occasionally something happens to make me a little less misanthropic for few hours. I had 2 such occurrences today, so this week has reached its high point.

First, here's Mark Steyn's column on the two Oregon seventh graders who find themselves charged with sexual abuse after slapping girls on the butt. Incidentally this makes pretty much everyone I was a graduate assistant with a sex offender.
The second paragraph made my day:
Messrs Mashburn and Cornelison are pupils at Patton Middle School. They were arrested in February after being observed in the vestibule, swatting girls on the butt. Butt-swatting had apparently become a form of greeting at the school – like "a handshake we do," as one female student put it. On "Slap Butt Fridays," boys and girls would hail each other with a cheery application of manual friction to the posterior, akin to a Masonic greeting.

And then there was this:
a story on a camp in Russia where the young are encouraged to procreate for the motherland. Quite frankly Russia needs fresh blood big time. The camp sounds pretty cool to me aside from the fact that apparently it is run by Putin for the purposes of strengthening his own grip on power.

Maybe the Kremlin should start the process of increasing Russia's birthrate by encouraging women not to get abortions. The last data I saw, and I'm sure it hasn't changed, is that there are more abortions in Russia than live births. If that is not a microcosm of Russia's state of affairs I don't know what is.

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