Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It Never Fails!

This is purely misanthropic with little economic relevance, but I don't care. Why do people drive out the in gate in a parking garage when they can see someone trying to come in? Better yet, why is there always one idiot driving ass backward through a parking lot? I experienced both in about a 5 minute time span. Maybe speed bumps that will slash your tires if you hit them from the opposite side would cure this little annoyance.

My shack in the woods days are getting closer.


Monica said...

You should consider my backup plan. Living on a houseboat in the middle of a lake on fifty acres. A good piece of property would require taking at least 5 different dirt roads, preferably with at least two unmarked.

Matt said...

Oh I've got it all figured out. My shack will be built in a creek bottom between the creek and a drainage ditch. If it's wet the only way to access this point is by helicopter. I will have to do some dirt work to make sure that my shack doesn't end up in the creek when in floods, but that's a small matter. I can't wait!