Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Football Fans Are Nuts!

A friend sent me this story and I can't stopping asking myself Why? Why?,2933,296466,00.html

Here's the summary: University of Texas football fan walks into an Oklahoma bar with UT shirt on. UT fan becomes the center of trash talk from OU fans. It is alleged that one OU fan grabbed the UT fan by the testicles and almost castrated him.

I take some flak for my views on sports fan: when a team you like wins, YOU didn't win unless YOU are on the team (see my previous post on this topic). I don't care if you went to the school, the team won, YOU didn't. Consequently, I never get worked up over whether teams I like win or lose. I like it when teams I support win (its been a lot easier to be a Rangers fan lately), but watching sports with a certain detachment makes the games that much more interesting. The game itself becomes more enjoyable, not just your team's play.

Granted, the above incident is an extreme example and the vast, vast majority of sports fans would never think of doing something so stupid. But for fans who will go to such lengths, what does it say about the meaninglessness of their lives that they will get worked into such a frenzy over a sport or a particular team? And what does it say about such fans grasp of reality?

With that in mind, I propose the following Constitutional amendment: "If an individual in any of the several states has ever gotten into a physical altercation over sports, their right to vote in Federal elections shall be abolished." I would encourage the states to pass similar amendments.

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