Friday, September 14, 2007

What the.....?

I started reading the Waco Tribune Herald online again and was reminded this morning of why I stopped.

I'm not sure whether this letter to the editor is a joke or if this young lady is serious. Wherever she is being educated should be ashamed of the flawed logic if nothing else.

Here's the link and you'll have to sign up if you want to get into much of anything on the Trib website now:

Green and mean

"If I had to think of one phrase to describe myself, it would be environmentally concerned. Because I do not believe in harming anything pertaining to Mother Nature, I do not own a house. I live in a tree.
I encourage others to do so. It does not matter if it is on my property or someone else’s. Although trespassing is a crime, the real criminal is the person who wants to chop down that beautiful, 200-year-old, rotting, termite-infested tree. Of course, I am the only one aware of this, seeing as the truth would not agree with my agenda."

First of all, yes there it really does matter if the tree is on my property. If anyone is in a tree on my property without my consent, the tree being chopped down should be the least of the person's worries! The last sentence of the second paragraph has me stumped (pun intended). I can't out figure what the heck she's saying. I'm not sure she knows either.

"If someone did decide to chop down the tree, I would do my best at making him feel guilty for ending the lives of the tree and the termites. They have rights, too."

FYI, if the tree is rotting, it doesn't have life in it.

"When I move, it doesn’t matter where, as long as there is an organic grocery store within a five-mile radius. I do not believe in cars, or anything else for that matter. Cars cause global warming; it is too hot already.
I wonder how many more lies we will be told in order to convince us that global warming does not exist.
And even though I may be totally off, completely wrong, and practice bad personal hygiene, I will eventually come out on top, knowing I have done my part and made a difference."

Katie Samples
10th Grade

Somehow I believe her when she says "I don't believe in cars, or anything else for that matter." Especially the anything else part.

I'm not sure who should be more ashamed; the school where she was educated (or not) or the Trib for printing such nonsense. Can't they find a better article advocating a green lifestyle than that?

P.J. O'Rourke had it exactly right. I can't remember where he said or wrote it, but it applies to high school students as well: "College students will do anything for the environment except take classes and learn about it."


Monica said...

I wonder if Katie is aware of how much energy her local organic grocery store consumes. Do they have their organic food shipped by truck or do workers carry the food to the store on their backs? Does Katie wear clothes? What resources were used to manufacture them? Human beings will have an impact on the earth just being alive, kind of like beavers and cows. I wish I was in high school again so I could know everything and say nothing of any significance.

eddy coop said...

As a Robinson Rocket myself, I feel I must defend Katie. Her letter is obviously an encoded and encrypted message to the commanders of all those UFO captains traversing the great expanses of outer space. Katie could not care less about trees or termites or global warming or organic food. She just needs to get those space crafts in the right locations at the right times. If we're lucky, she's not calling in bombing missions on our coordinates. On Lorena maybe, but not the rest of us.