Monday, October 15, 2007

Discover Your Inner Economist

Tyler Cowan's new book Discover Your Inner Economist is absolutely terrific. I don't understand why it has gotten such terrible reviews at Then again, if I like something most everyone else hates it (TV: Alias; Music: Dream Theater, Stuck Mojo; Comedy: Carlos Mencia).

This book is not about pure, theoretical economics. It is largely a work of applied economics focusing on such areas as how to become a cultural billionaire, tipping, charity, how and where to find great ethnic food restaurants, using incentives to get kids to wash the dishes, and many other topics most economists don't go near.

For a good look at some economic theory that is packaged in an easy to digest form, try Henry Hazlitt's classic Economics in One Lesson. A good economics course for the layman would be reading Hazlitt's book for theory and then Cowen's for fun and neat applications.

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