Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sowell on Global Warming

Thomas Sowell is always worth the read. Today his column is on global warming.

He has one especially great observation:
"There are all kinds of scientists, from chemists to nuclear physicists to people who study insects, volcanoes, and endocrine glands -- none of whom is an expert on weather or climate, but all of whom can be listed as scientists, to impress people who don't scrutinize the list any further."

This is quite common: scientists, economists, etc. lending their names to documents proclaiming something or other on which they have little, if any, expertise. Meanwhile those who do have expertise in a subfield, but don't adhere to the chosen view are marginalized. This is the reason you will very rarely if ever see me making grand proclaimtions on macroeconomics. I am not a macroeconomist and God willing I never will be. Therefore, I don't say a lot about the national economy, especially the finer points of it.

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