Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl Ads

I was slightly disappointed. Looked like a disproportionate number of beer ads and way too many ads for the CSI's.

If you go over to The New York Times or catch it at The Drudge Report, one writer thinks that the ads with cartoonish violence, like the Rock Paper Scissors ad, might reflect the toll of the Iraq war. I can only respond: COME ON! It's just funny stuff. Stop reading too much into everything and looking for spurious relationships. What's funnier than a bunch of guys slapping each other?

Texas and Texas A&M tonight in College Station. Big game, especially after A&M knocked off Kansas in Kansas Saturday. I couldn't help thinking about the authorities having to disperse the crowd of Aggies trying to buy tickets. If you want to efficiently distribute tickets, just raise the price. Those willing and able to pay will purchase them. This way, A&M can capture the rents that I guarantee you scalpers will capture instead. Also it may force the Aggies to learn a little economics. Of course raising the prices of tickets due to increased demand will never happen on a college campus, but one can dream.

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