Friday, February 9, 2007

Walter E Williams for President!

The great Dr. Walter E Williams was recently encouraged to run for President by Mallard Fillmore, cartoon news duck. Here's a story on the surrounding mania for Walter:

However, I fear Walter will not be running. "The biggest obstacle to his own candidacy, Mr. Williams said, is his wife of 47 years, Conchetta. 'She said that if I ever thought about it seriously, she'd assassinate me,' he said." Walter does recommend Ron Paul, who like Walter has about as much chance of winning in the current intellectual climate as Michael Moore winning a beauty contest.

Walter does give some tips for long life:
While his age (he'll turn 71 next month) might seem a problem to a presidential run, Mr. Williams says he is in excellent health, thanks to a regimen that includes a personal trainer, bicycling, two glasses of wine each day -- and smoking half a pack of cigarettes daily. "My grandfather smoked a pack of Camels a day, drank almost a half-pint of Old Grandad every day and died when he was 94," he said

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