Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth!

Sometimes I wonder if some people really understand the ramifications of their words and actions. Marlin Texas is home to...em...uh... a chicken restaurant with a great lunch buffet and then uh...a Wal Mart and em...a couple of car dealers and em...a good feed store and...em...uh that's about it. You can't drink the water, most of the streets are terrible, the school system sucks (and that's being generous), and the city (and county for that matter) is bereft of economic activity.

Now someone, RTLC Piping Projects, wants to bring a business to town that is estimated to provide about 100 jobs. They want to place the plant on the south side of Marlin and some area residents don't want it there. Classic NIMBY. (I'm thinking about renaming the blog The Misanthropic Economist takes on NIMBY.) The president of the company says that he will not fight the residents on this and will look elsewhere for a plant location if the need should arise.

Listen up Marlinites: Marlin is an economic wasteland. If anyone wants to build anything in town whether it is a pipe fabricator, a power plant, or a maker of buttfores get the hell out of their way! Beggars cannot be choosers! As long as the company is not trying to use eminent domain to acquire land, welcome them with open arms and shut the hell up! Thank the good Lord above that someone is willing to invest in the damn town! Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

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