Monday, November 26, 2007

The Gift Horse Has Left Town!

The RTLC plant won't be coming to Marlin. A story from The Marlin Democrat from a week before the one I cited last week indicates that the President of RTLC, Billy Terrell, will not be expanding his operation to Marlin.

I hope the residents of South Marlin realize what they've done. (You can read the petition South Marlin residents passed around here.) Other business owners will see this and be hesitant to explore the option of moving into Marlin. So not only did this gift horse get kicked in the mouth, but every other potential gift horse will think long and hard before even considering venturing into this bastion of inexplicable snobbery, short sightedness and disrespect for property rights.

There is a beauty to the economic process of wealth creation. (Here is a fine article on the blessings entrepreneurs, like Mr. Terrell, bring.) It is a true shame more people don't realize it.

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