Thursday, February 7, 2008

Waco and Marlin News

  • Since Waco isn't going to have a 65 foot statue of a Texas Ranger by the Brazos and I-35, how about they build a 65 foot statue of a tourist? Considering that increasing tourism seems to be the primary economic growth strategy Waco has, it seems fitting.
  • I'm always shocked when something non grandiose and actually beneficial (ie not something that is done to make Waco look better than it is) happens in the Waco economy. Tractor Supply is doubling the size of their Waco distribution center. Good for Tractor Supply and Waco. Maybe something like that will happen in Marlin one day. Sigh.... One can dream.
  • Speaking of Marlin, the Falls County Commissioners have issued a burn ban and disaster declaration for Falls County. I'll agree that Falls County is a disaster area, but it has nothing to do with lack of rain, wind and dry forage.

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