Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Exams, Classes, and Students

Sorry, no good vocabulary words from exams today. I'll just say that the class average would make for a batting average any major leaguer would gladly brag about during retirement.

Once again, I firmly believe that the majority of students (if you can call them that) should be in technical/trade programs and/or working instead of in universities. Maybe one day employers will wisen up and see just how worthless a university degree has become and stop requiring one for jobs in which a BS or BA is not needed.

I think my general rule from now on if anyone asks me about going to a university is that if you don't have a desire to know something just for the sake of knowing it and if you're not willing to put in at least 8 to 10 hours a day EVERYDAY on class work and study, don't go. This nonsense is only making instructors and professors angry and could lead to some sort of revolt in the near future. Perhaps actually enforcing admission standards or actually kicking people out when they will not do the work would help.

The worst part of it is that college classrooms are turning into high school classrooms. Students actually have to be told to sit down and shut up. The ones in the back spend their time text messaging or chatting quietly instead of paying attention to the lecture.

In my classes, I practically spoon feed them. Twenty percent of the class is just showing up and paying attention. I tell them EXACTLY what material the exams will cover and they still don't bother to study. I will be proud if some people don't graduate college because of me.

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