Thursday, April 12, 2007

Proven Right Again

If you go to Overcoming Bias (, which by the way is a great blog, read the entry under Just a Smile? An article in The New Scientist has seemed to validate one of my views.

I know that Ashley and Monica have heard my theory on how geeky guys and nerds respond to female attention. Well that article seems to prove me right.
"(R)esearch indicates that men typically overestimate the sexual interest conveyed by a woman's smile or laughter."
And what really proves my point:
"He found that the the higher the IQ, the more likely they were to think that women would be interested."

It's amazing how someone else had to spend a decent amount of resources to conduct a study whose conclusion was what I said over lunch 2 years ago.

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Monica said...

You should write a book about a geek's guide to love...or stalking. I could do a chapter about the ambivalent female.