Monday, April 2, 2007

Summing Up Europe

Here a nice story from The New York Times which sums up the situation in Europe:
In a northern town in Britain, the muncipal authorities voted to allow a former Methodist church to become a Mosque.

Two things about this:

1) Why in the world do the municipal authorities in Britain or anywhere else in the Western world have anything at all to do with where a religious structure is located? If the Methodists, or in this case the church was being used as a factory, want to sell the church to Muslims what business is it of the municipality? Or if a group of Muslims decides to build a mosque somewhere, why is it the town's concern? Does anyone ever stop to wonder why the Catholics and Protestants generally get along quite well in American while Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq don't get along quite so well? Maybe it has a little something to do with the fact that the state in America more or less leaves the Catholics and Protestants to themselves whereas in Iraq the Shiites and Sunnis tend to get into "little" conflicts over who controls what. In the U.S., aside from the Baptists doing stupid things occasionally, Christians tend to get along pretty well.

(As a side note, the Methodists never do anything stupid. Unless of course you count giving out awards to controversial local newsletter publishers.)

2) This story is indicative of the decline and fall of Christianity in Europe and the rise of Islam. A church being turned into a mosque is the perfect analogy for where Europe is heading. Once again, I highly recommend Mark Steyn's treatment of this in America Alone.

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