Monday, April 30, 2007

Wordly Philosophers and Great Jokes

Maybe the two go together. At The Misanthropic Economist they do!

1) Mark Skousen, a great economist, finance expert, and writer, puts out a great weekly column called The Worldly Philosophers. Each week features a profile of someone who offered great wisdom on finance, investing, economics and life in general. Previous profiles have been of Aristotle, oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, and Jesus Christ.

You can sign up for the column at:

2) I've attempted to tell the following joke twice in the last few days on campus and have gotten nothing, but confused looks. I stole it from Steven Wright.
"I had a horrible day. I went to the store to buy a map and they got all mad at me. They didn't have any maps that weren't an aerial view."
Someone out there, please tell me that that is as funny as I think it is!
One person responded to the joke with: "There's a place a Tyler that's got all kind of maps; try them!"

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